About T

Hi! I’m a new mom trying to navigate through this new chapter without completely fumbling. Being a millenial (using that term begrudgingly) has positives but a whole lot of negatives. Google, while a life saver, is stressing moms out today more than ever. You have so much access to information. And social media has increased the prevalence of mom shaming. I am SO lucky to have had a relative walk me through literally every detail. We thought we should create a place where we could share our success AND FAILURES…because there will be failures, and hopefully show you you aren’t alone.

I am also a working mom who loves to cook and craft and still tries to find time for ballet classes. It can be hard to balance it all. But I will share great family recipes I’ve found and easy meals. I’ll also share some of the crafts I’ve done to make holidays special and also ones to do with your kids.

About M

I’m the veteran mom of five kids spanning ages 4 to 13. Between them I may not have seen everything but I’ve seen a lot! It has been so fun to share everything I have learned with T, and to hear things from her perspective. She has even encountered things I had never heard of, so I learn from her too! My life is controlled chaos…sort of. Our after school driving schedule could really be the stuff of a horror movie, but we make it work. I work full-time as well, which makes everything just that much more interesting.

My kids are now facing issues with school and entering their teenage years. I can’t believe we have hit this stage already, but it is bringing with it a whole new bag of issues to tackle. I will share these as they come and hopefully the lessons I learn will save you along the way.

I don’t cook as often as T but I have a couple of recipes that my family loves and I’ll be sure to contribute those. I’m a fairly avid knitter, but as for the crafting….I’ll leave that to T.